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The EZ Trading System
and A.I. Scalper

If I lost everything, which I have, I know this is the one-single skill set in the world I need to acquire to help me get back on my feet. That's why I am so passionate about trading and investing. If you need money, you have to go to where the money is; the financial market. I created the EZ Trading System to help me and others achieve this goal the easiest possible way. 

Trading is hard work, expensive, and sometimes, distraught. After many years of learning how to trade, struggling, and losing hundreds of thousands of dollars to online trading courses or scammers,  I decided it's time for me to put my failures and successes to work to materialize a trading strategy that works better and easier for me and others. In March 2019, the Aspire Group was born. Our mission and goal are to provide education, training, and support for our members on how to make money in the financial market the easy way. Our training and coaching focus on the execution of our trading system. The Aspire Group's objective is to transform normal people or simply anyone to become a pro trader in as little as overnight or less. Regardless of background or experience, now they can trade in the stock, FOREX, and cryptocurrency marketplace like a pro but without actually doing the trading themselves. 

Today, we are becoming a global community company headquartered in Springfield, Missouri in the United States of America. We are a team of diverse background individuals with deep financial and technology expertise, backed by some of the top investors and partners in the investing and trading industry globally. We are proud to be supported by the love of enthusiastic community members on various platforms and around the world.


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We teach our members how to trade and invest in the financial marketplace like a pro but without actually doing the trading themselves.

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We provide the tools, training, and continue support to help our members reach their trading goals and personal development. 

Plan & Vision

Our goal and mission are simple: Help our members make more money by making trading or investing as easiest as possible. Regardless of background or experience, now any member can trade like a pro but without actually doing the trading themselves.

Join us. Become an expert trader literally overnight but without doing the trading yourself.

“If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

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