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Hello All Members:

At Aspire Group, we're always looking for ways to improve or innovate our trading strategy. This is to advise and update you that starting on Monday, November 15, 2021, we will be migrating to a new and improved trading system called The EZ TRADING SYSTEM. We created this system to be a progressive dual function, both mirroring and A.I. robotic scalper. Meaning, you will be copying a pro trader as well as an A.I. robot that scalp the market and execute the trade for you. This system will trade directly in the three major financial markets: stock, FOREX, and cryotocurrency.
Your new subscription is reduced to $49 per month (instead of $99/month). The method of payment is PayPal account. You must have or create a PayPal account to pay your monthly subscription (REQUIRED).


If you wish to migrate or upgrade to the new EZ Trading System, please fill out the form below to REQUEST to make preparation for the migration this coming November 15. (THIS FIRST STEP WILL NOT COST YOU ANYTHING). Otherwise, please disregard this message and no further action is needed from you. 


Make sure you understand that, by submitting this request, you are asking us to prepare you to migrate to the new and improved trading system at NO COST TO YOU, except to pay for the monthly subscription of $49 later when you're ready to activate your live trading.