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I am thrilled and thank you for wanting to attend the seminar. But first, I like to tell you the real reason or purpose of this seminar besides just a business venture. 

It was not very long ago that trading in the financial market was only available to a few professional traders. This is because only they have the skills or knowledge to trade in the financial market and make money. Because trading is hard work, time-consuming, and expensive. It requires years of learning, discipline, and resilience to be a good trader.  

For more than 20 years, I struggled to become an investor or trader. I have made many mistakes. I have lost a lot of money to online trading courses, online platforms, and scammers. But I was relentless, refused to give up. Fortunately, the experience and lessons I've learned enabled me to figure out a way to make trading easier for other people and me. Now, I like to share my knowledge, strategy, and creation with you for FREE
(Of course, it's only available at the seminar). 

YES, I am aware and understand that trading or investing is not suitable for everyone. Not everybody wants to make money or earn a passive income. Most people rather stay nearly broke than be roughly rich. Naturally, people want to make more money, but sadly, it's not natural for them to make more money. To them, it's a headache. I heard some people say, "Investing or trading is bad, it's risky, or it's too complicated. I don't have the time or money to invest or trade. I am content with having a job", or something like that. (Translated: Most people dream of making more money. But to make it happen is most people's nightmare). Well, everybody is different. We can't all do the same thing or have the same passion or desire. Expert investor and millionaire Robert Kiyosaki is right when he said, "The poor dad teaches his kids to study hard, work hard, or labor for money. But the rich dad teaches his kids to study hard so that they can work less and make their money do the work for them even while they play or sleep." This thinking is profound, but sadly, it's still not to 98% of people because this type of thinking is not typical. (Being poor is natural, it doesn't take any skill or effort to achieve poverty. But being rich is not. It required a change of mindset to complete it). But for those of you who have a desire to learn a new money-making skillset, here is my challenge to you. If you can invest or give me just one hour of your time at the seminar or zoominar, I can teach you how to trade in the stock market, Forex market, and cryptocurrency market like a professional overnight but without doing the trading yourself. 

I hope to see you at the FREE seminar.

Now, proceed to reserve your seat below. You must PRE-REGISTER in order to attend the seminar, NO EXCEPTION.

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DISCLAIMER NOTICE: Oh, by the way, I am not rich yet and I am not a professional trader or an investment advisor. I am an amateur investor and trader. I cannot trade for you, provide any investment advice, or guarantee that you will make a lot of money or get rich in trading. I can only teach, coach, and support you to increase your chance or possibility of making money. Regardless of your background or experience, all you need are basic training and an easy system that actually works to help you succeed. I already created such a system. You can use it to benefit yourself. (Good things are meant to share, not to bury it). 

Charles Cawv Thoj
Founder and Creator of The
EZ Trading System &
A.I. Robotic Scalper


Contrary to what some people believe, money itself is not evil. But the love of money is. If you think that money is everything, then you'll be shocked to learn that it is not. Money can do many things but not everything (Money can't buy love and happiness).

You have to understand the law of money to make money. FIRST LAW: You have to become money to attract money. You can't see yourself or value yourself less than money and still hope to get rich someday. The law of attraction: Money only attracts money, equal to or greater than its value. Especially in America, we don't have poor people. Instead, we only have poor mindset people, or just broke people. People stay poor because they have a poor mentality or mindset about money. A poor mindset person is a pessimist. Winston Churchill put it profoundly,
"The optimist sees opportunity in every problem. But the pessimist sees a problem in every opportunity."  The poor mindset is addicted to fear, fear of risk. The rich mindset embrace risk. Risk is a good thing for them. It shields 98% of people from competing with them.  Our entire economy thrives or survives on risk. Without risk, our economic system would collapse. If you're afraid of taking a risk, it's better to play safe. Don't do anything at all. Because by doing nothing you won't lose anything as well as achieving nothing. SECOND LAW: Making money is far easier than managing or keeping it. And THIRD LAW: The poor mindset spends money that they barely have on liabilities, such as depreciate goods, debts, and taxes. The rich mindset spends their money on building assets, such as investing, trading, and anything that generates passive income.

Simply, in summary, the poor mindset and rich mindset both are contrarians. The poor mindset put themselves to labor really hard for the money (They called it, "honest living"). The rich mindset put their money to labor really hard for them (They called it, "smart and honest living."). The rich mindset invests, while the poor mindset spends. The poor mindset borrows money to incur debt, while the rich mindset borrows money to generate assets. The poor mindset broke by debt. The rich mindset gets rich from it. The poor mindset lives off a JOB (just-over-broke) like a paycheck, or salary
(It's good to have a job or paycheck. It's an honorable thing to do). The rich mindset lives off their assets. The poor mindset pays heavy taxes, the rich mindset pays lower taxes, or sometimes no tax at all. Therefore, being rich or poor is simply a matter of mindset, personal decision, and not necessarily due to circumstance or heredity. (We can get out of our circumstances but not a mindset).

WARNING: Trading or investing in the financial market is a long-term goal and it is highly risky. It is not suitable for everyone. If perceive trading or investing as gambling or betting, now it's your opportunity to turn back. This seminar is not right for you. Click on the button below to go back now. 

"What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?" -Mark 8:36. Money and material wealth are temporal but your soul is eternal. Invest wisely in what's really important.